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Latest Episodes…

  1. #26: Truth and Atonement

    Featuring Jill Stauffer (Associate Professor of Peace, Justice, and Human Rights; Haverford College) and Aaron Koller (Professor of Near Eastern Studies; Yeshiva University). ...


  2. #25: The Loneliness of Jewish Theology

    Featuring Abby Pogrebin and Yehuda Kurtzer. For more on the Still Small Voice Series, see: ...


  3. #24: Gender, Power, and Covid-19

    This week's guests are Sheila Katz (National Council of Jewish Women) and Shira Berkovits (Sacred Spaces). The episode was guest-hosted by Sarah Mulhern (Shalom Hartman Institute). ...


  4. #23: Free Speech and Authoritarianism with Jeffrey Goldberg

    Featuring Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic) and Yehuda Kurtzer (Hartman) Mentioned in this episode: ...


  5. #22: Israel After Annexation: A Conversation with Yossi Klein Halevi

    To watch classes from All Together Now, go to ...