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Identity/Crisis is a weekly podcast from the Shalom Hartman Institute about news and ideas.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #30: The Future of Jewish Progressivism

     In episode #30 of Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer speaks with Arielle Angel and Jacob Plitman of Jewish Currents about the history and future of Jewish progressive movements and the relationship between liberalism and Jewish tradition. Articles referenced in the episode: ...


  2. #29: Praying for the Welfare of This Government

    In episode #29 of Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer talks with Rabbi Sharon Brous (IKAR) and Rabbi Elie Kaunfer (Hadar) about whether and how one should pray for the welfare of a government and president to which one is opposed. Mentioned in the episode: - Jewish Prayers for the United States Government: A Study ...


  3. #28: Jews, Catholics, and American Life

    Malka Simkovitch (Catholic Theological Union) and Zev Eleff (Hebrew Theological College) join host Yehuda Kurtzer to explore the history and present of the relationship between Jews and Catholics through the lens of the Supreme Court and their respective communal roles in American politics.  ...


  4. #27: An American Jewish Legacy

    Hartman Senior Fellow and Senior Editor at Slate Dahlia Lithwick joins Yehuda Kurtzer to talk about the Jewish life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, z"l. Find Dahlia's piece for the Jewish Women's Archive here. ...


  5. #26: Truth and Atonement

    Featuring Jill Stauffer (Associate Professor of Peace, Justice, and Human Rights; Haverford College) and Aaron Koller (Professor of Near Eastern Studies; Yeshiva University). ...