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Latest Episodes…

  1. #39: Mature Jewish Secularism

    Shalom Hartman Institute Research Fellow Micah Goodman joins Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss Israeli secularism's renewed engagement with Jewish tradition, the different dynamics of change in Israel and the diaspora, and his new book, The Wondering Jew.  ...


  2. #38: The Congressman from NY-16

    Congressman-Elect Jamaal Bowman joins host and constituent Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss his campaign against 30-year incumbent Eliot Engel, the values he brings to the 117th Congress, and his message to the diverse communities he represents in the Bronx and Westchester County.  ...


  3. #37: The Future of Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

    Host Yehuda Kurtzer is joined by Muslim Leadership Initiative alumnae Inas Younis  and Rabia Chaudry to discuss Muslim-Jewish relations during and after the Trump presidency, the nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict's impact on American interfaith cooperation, and the risks and rewards of speaking across difference. Referenced in this ...


  4. #36: Politics, Pandemic, and Podcasting

    Guest host David Zvi Kalman (Shalom Hartman Institute) and Dovid Lichtenstein (The Lightstone Group, Headlines) discuss podcasting, politics, the pandemic, and halacha in the modern world.  ...


  5. #35: Post-Election Politics and the Project of Diversity

    Hartman Fellow in Residence Mijal Bitton speaks to Yehuda Kurtzer about diverse American Jews, politics, and the goals and problematics of the project of diversity.    Mijal's article can be found here: ...