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  1. #55: The Scandals and the Journalist

    Hannah Dreyfus is a freelance reporter with an unusual but essential beat: reporting allegations of sexual misconduct in Jewish organizations. In this episode of Identity/Crisis, Yehuda Kurtzer speaks with Dreyfus about her recent story on a former senior rabbi at Central Synagogue and the process of reporting out allegations of ...


  2. #54: White Supremacy, Policing, and the Jews

    In the wake of the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, Hartman Research Fellows Ginna Green (political strategist and writer) and Rivka Press Schwartz (SAR) join host Yehuda Kurtzer to reflect on the impact of the moment and to take a broader view at the American ...


  3. #53: The Archvillain of the American Jewish Experience

    Bernie Madoff died in prison last week. In this week’s episode, Yehuda Kurtzer speaks with Felix Salmon (Axios, Slate Money) and Ben Sales (JTA) about his crimes and victims, and with Alicia Jo Rabins about her recent film, A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff. ...


  4. #52: The Israeli Jewish Music Episode

    Shayna Weiss (Brandeis University) and Joe Schwartz (Asif) join Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss Israeli music for this special Yom Ha'atzmaut episode, charting the 20th century greats, the journey of Mizrahi artists from margins to mainstream, and the great piyyut revival in popular music.  ...


  5. #51: Genocide, Antisemitism, and the Nomenclature of Hatred

    James Loeffler joins host Yehuda Kurtzer to discuss the development of the term "genocide," and the nuances of three newly-articulated, potentially competing, definitions of antisemitism.    IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism: The Nexus Document: The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism: ...