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Latest Episodes…

  1. #15: Facing Annexation

    This episode features Tamara Cofman Wittes (Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution), Michael Koplow (Israel Policy Forum), and Yehuda Kurtzer (Shalom Hartman Institute). ...


  2. #14: American Jewish Communities After George Floyd

    Featuring Ginna Green, Isaiah Rothstein, and Yehuda Kurtzer. Mentioned in this episode: - Danielle S. Allen, "Our Declaration": - ‘Believe us’: Black Jews respond to the George Floyd protests, in their own words: ...


  3. #13: Joshua Foer on the Future of Digital Judaism

    Mentioned in today's episode: Sukkah City Moonwalking   For more information on all of Hartman's digital summer programming, go to   ...


  4. #12: What Comes Next for Denominational Judaism?

    A conversation between Rabbi Rick Jacobs (Union for Reform Judaism), Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal (Rabbinical Assembly / United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism), and Yehuda Kurtzer (Shalom Hartman Institute). Register now for "The Revelation Will Be Digitized" ...


  5. #11: Being home

    Featuring write and journalist Elissa Strauss and Aliza Kline of OneTable. Mentioned in this episode: ...